Monday, 1 March 2010

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin is most famous for being John McCain’s running mate in the 2008 presidential elections. Palin gained many fans as she was seen by many as a hard working mum from a small town. Not a corrupt politician that had been in Washington for years. Palin was criticised and mocked during the election as her lack of knowledge on certain issues was exposed,

“The mother- of- five appealed strongly to women and her party’s conservative base. Her energetic, down- to- earth style helped rally support behind him. But she faced tough criticism over her lack of experience – something exacerbated by a series of gaffs.”

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Despite a hard introduction it to the world of politics Palin is a front runner coming into the 2012 elections. She is still very much in the public eye and now works for Fox news. Palin is considered a social conservative therefore her views are as follows:

Abortion: Very much against abortion.

"Every baby is created with a future and potential." (August 2008)

Stem cell research: "Opposes embryonic stem cell research." (August 2008)

Gun control: Against any form of gun control.

"Life long NRA member & champion of right to bear arms." (February 2008)

Sex marriage: Opposes gay marriage.

"Non- support of anything but traditional marriage." (October 2008)

"No spousal benefits for same-sex couples." (July 2006)

Death penalty: Supports the death penalty.

"If legislature passed death penalty law, I would sign it." (November 2006)

Environment: Does not believe in Global warming.

"Drill, baby, drill." (October 2008)

"Bush is right: drill ANWR & develop our own supplies." (April 2008)

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As I have mentioned before Palin is very popular and this popularity puts her in a strong position for 2012. Kevin Connolly in a article written for the BBC, states,

"Mrs Palin’s book is a little light on ideology and big ideas but that probably does not matter very much in modern America where politicians run on their life stories and their ability to relate it to the lives of voters."

Connolly recognises Palin's ability to connect with others,

"Local business consultant Mike Crane who was waiting somewhere near the head of the line explained it to me. “She’s one of us,” he said simply. “We’re hard –working, 9-to-5 Joes and like her we didn’t go to the elite universities that other politicians went to. She understands America.”

This connection with voters from 'small town America' is very positive as these types of voters are on the rise. They are discontent with the way America is today and seek change. They want someone who they can relate to, someone like Palin with a background they can connect with.

"But the most compelling evidence of all that there is plenty more to come from Sarah Palin was in the nature of the crowd she drew here. Her followers do not merely agree with her, they love her and, while she may alienate other Americans in equal or greater numbers, that makes her a force to be reckoned with."

With growing support and media interest. I believe Palin is a still a front runner for the for the 2012 republican nomination.

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