Friday, 5 March 2010

Republican incumbents not ‘Right’ enough

Hi everyone, I have found an interesting article illustrating the rise of the far right Republicans. It was written by Ewen MacAskill for the Guardian:

The race for governor of Texas was decided Tuesday and the just as in Massachusetts the incumbent lost. Kay Bailey Hutchinson who is a senator in Texas and was also governor was beaten by Rick Perry a far right candidate. MacAskill states that,

Hutchison is no moderate Republican and was sufficiently conservative to secure the backing of Dick Cheney, a former vice- president. But even she was outflanked on the right by Perry, who benefited from the wave of populist conservative anger.”

This shows the rise of the far right as not even right winged Republican incumbents are safe from this up roar from tea party activists. MacAskill suggests that this results as well as the one that occurred in Massachusetts is not a one off,

“The results suggest a shift to the right lies ahead in the Republican party both in congress and among governors."

"Moderate Republicans face being displaced by more rightwing candidates, backed by Tea Party activists and others who complain the Republican Party has betrayed its core principles."

These Tea Party voters do not just appose Barrack Obama and his agenda they also blame the Republican Party for their discontent. MacAskill continues to say,

“These righwingers oppose federal government spending under Barrack Obama, the proposed healthcare bill and immigration reform, and blame Republicans for failing to oppose the spending.”

This discontent is being felt all around America and Republicans are demanding change. With many votes coming up Republican candidates are fighting hard to keep their seats. MacAskill states that,

“The result in Texas is ominous for candidates such as the Republicans governor in Florida, Charlie Crist, who is trailing in the polls behind Marco Rubio, a Tea Party favourite. Even the Republican candidate in the 2008 presidential campaign, John McCain, is having to fight to save his Arizona Senate seat.”

It will be interesting to see in the coming months how these races turnout and the true effect of the Tea Party movement.


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