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John Kerry

I have chosen to look at John Kerry who is one of the senators from the state of Massachusetts. Kerry who ran for president in 2004, but was beaten by Bush has been a senator since 1984. He was born in Colorado, but later settled in Massachusetts with his family. Kerry is a strong Catholic his website states,

“Growing up there, his parents taught his the values of service and responsibility and the blessings of his Catholic faith, lessons John Kerry carries with him to this day.”

Kerry is a Vietnam veteran. He attended college at Yale, but then decided to join the fight in Vietnam,

“John Kerry Volunteered to serve in Vietnam, because, as he later said, “It was the right thing to do.” He believed that “to whom much is given, much is required.” John Kerry served two tours of duty. On his second tour, he volunteered to serve on a swift boat in the river deltas, one of the most dangerous assignments in the war. He was awarded a Silver Star, a Bronze star with Combat V, and three Purple Hearts.”

John Kerry’s website tells the reader that when John Kerry Joined the Senate he entered it with,

“John Kerry entered the Senate with a reputation as a man of conviction; He confirmed that reputation by taking bold decisions on important issues. He helped provide health insurance for millions of low-income children. He has fought to improve public education, protect our natural environment, and strengthen our economy.”

All quotes above from:

Kerry has married twice both times to wealthy women. His current wife is Teresa Heinz Kerry and as you can tell by that name she is involved with the Heinz Corporation. In fact she is more than involved as,

“Teresa Heinz, who has lost her husband, Senator Richard Heinz, in a plane crash and had inherited his canned food and ketchup fortune.”

As stated above Kerry then went on to run for President against incumbent George Bush in 2004. Although the election was close Kerry eventually lost out to Bush 48% of the electoral vote to Bushes 51%. Kerry’s main problem was the label Bush attacked him on. Kerry was often referred to by Bush as someone who would ‘flip flop’ on important issues,

“And he was mercilessly attacked by the Bush campaign for allegedly changing his mind on major issues, including the war in Iraq.”

As Kerry is a democrat in Massachusetts he is considered a liberal,

“On Social issues, Kerry is generally liberal. He is regarded as “solid” by environmentalists, and is in favour of abortion rights and more action to improve healthcare. He backs civil unions for gays, but not gay marriages.”

All quotes and stats from above:

Here is a list of issues and where Kerry stands:

Abortion: Does not personally agree with abortion but believes it is a women’s right to choose.

Civil Rights: Strong on civil rights supports women getting equal pay and believed the patriot act abused people’s civil liberties.

Gay marriage: Does not personally believe in gay marriage but supports couples rights to have civil unions.

Quotes as saying “Chaney’s daughter, a lesbian, would say gay is not a choice” (Oct, 2004)

Businesses: Supports small business

Death Penalty: "Opposes death penalty except for post 9/11 terrorists" (July, 2004)

Environment: Supports the environment

Gun Control: Supports gun control

Heath Care: Wants health care changed

"Fight for affordable healthcare for all children" (Jun 2006)

Voting Record: Finally John is a loyal Democrat voting with the party ‘93.5% of 306 votes’. Sept 2007

All from:

You can apply liberalism to John Kerry as he does fight to protect the liberties of the people he represents. He supports minority groups, such as, women and fights to make sure they receive equal pay. He ia pro choice even though he does not personally agree with abortion. His stance on the death penalty, environment, and small businesses show his liberalist nature.

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