Saturday, 13 March 2010

Democratic Senator Harry Reid for Nevada

I have chosen Democratic Senator Harry Reid of Nevada in that his ideals coincide with the notions of what liberalism is. The key term that (in my opinion) defines the ideology of the term is the words Collectivism in that its not about caring for the individual as such but rather individuals as a whole and I think that Reid demonstrates this as Senator of Nevada.

Born in a small mining town called Searchlight, Nevada where he still resides, Reid (as is stated on his biography page) grew up on the Nevada values such as hard work and opportunity and this is what he brings to Nevada as their Senator the position he has held for the past twenty-five years.

By navigating his website, one can read about the successful achievements that he has done for his native state that includes:

Environment: March 10th 2010 Reid named Solar Champion of the Year by Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) for his leadership in advancing the development of solar energy in Nevada and across the country. Reid has also allowed for A-Power Energy Generation Systems to build a wind turbine production and assembly plant in Nevada that will generate jobs within the industry for those in Nevada.

Jobs: As one can see from the above clip, President Obama's' signing of the Travel Promotion Act allows for private as well as public corporations within the state to generate money from tourists who visit the state. Although the well-known phrase "Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" highlights the so called 'Sin City' lifestyle that occurs within the state, is making sure that money will be continuously pumped into the state by tourists that will continue generating jobs thus securing the welfare of his residents.

Native Americans: Harry Reid has worked alongside Native Americans in an effort to ensure their legal rights that include issues relating to Indian Wtaer Settlements, and Indian Gaming Regulatory Acts.

Other accomplishements include issues relating to education, transportation, and the environment and the list continues.

Harry Reid is respected by both parties in Washington:
'His reputation for integrity and fairness has given the small state of Nevada a powerful voice in Congress.'

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