Sunday, 21 February 2010

Tea Party Movement

Hi everyone. I have found an interesting news segment about the Tea Party Movement. It discusses the people involved in the campaign, what they want to achieve, and their fears of Obama. I am still searching for a good quality relevant article, but hopefully I will find one by tomorrow morning and I will post as soon as I find one. Hope you are all well and having a good weekend. I am unsure how to embed the link so I have put it in below:



  1. Good to have an international view Annie as the BBC is more likely to be unbiased in its reporting on the Tea Party phenomena. Note how the reporter focuses on what the Tea Party is against rather than what it supports. I am having a real problem trying to find any source which interrogates the latter to any extent.

    One of the proponents is quoted describing the movement as a 'mindset'. Lou Dobbs describes how he is concerned that the current young generation will be denied the possibilities he had in life (although a Havard education and 300-acre farm suggest that his possibilities were the result of his family's inherited, middle-class capital).

    The reporter makes mention of the Tea Party being concerned at the 'loss' of the American Dream. There it is again, the ideological foundation of so much in American political and social life. Although the reporter also uses the adjectives 'individualistic', 'conservative' and 'independent' to descibe the political perspective of the typical Tea party supporter. One thing this report makes clear - the movement is angry with government and big business generally so, even if they tend to sway more toward the Republican view, they are not politically aligned with them.

  2. Thanks Annie for a piece that isn't an article, it is refreshing to watch something.

    I thought it was interesting how the Franklin County Family talked about there needing to be a 'cleansing' of government and specifically republicans with power. It seems that ea Party followers believe that some repiblicans have become tainted by non-constitutional elements that go against their ideology.

    The son within the family who is running as a republican canditate locally mentioned the Tea Party representing the 'people' and that having a clear leader would take away the original aspect of grass roots within the movement. But surely this idea limits the progressive notion of the movement; there would only be so much that the Tea Party could accomplish, media recognition and a bigger following. For them to penetrate government they surely need a figure who represents key elements of thier agenda. As Cherie comments though, this agenda is somewhat absent as all we have really contemplated is thier ideology and historical premise.


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