Saturday, 27 February 2010

Possible 2012 candidate: John Thune

Where Thune stands. Taken from

The potential 2012 Republican who I have chosen to look into is John Thune, senator of South Dakota since 2004. I found most of the information I have posted below from this site, - really easy to navigate and handy in analysing the prospective candidates ideologies.

Using the graphs and websites that cherie has posted below, I found that Thune is extremely far right on this graph, only 5 below McCain:
And using the 'Project Vote Smart' website, I found that Thune has much involvement with anti abortion Bills within South Dakota: this theme is central to his ideology on the GOP12 website too:

-> He has a ' 100% rating on Pro-Life issues by the NRLC' (Natural Right to Life - a Pro Life Movement in the U.S.)
-> He also voted to constitutionally ban same-sex marriage and end gay adoptions in D.C., contributing to his 0% score on gay rights by the Human Rights Campaign.
-> He supports a constitutional amendment to school prayer
-> A strong proponent of gun rights and has recieved an 'A' by the NRA for such efforts regarding them.
-> Anti immigration and voted no on continuing federal funds for declared "sanctuary cities" in 2008.
-> GOP12 website reports that, '
Overall, Thune botes with the Republican party 91% of the time. ' However, the website, when explaining reasons why he could win in 2012, puts his 'moviestar good looks' at the top of the list.
-> He is a devout Evangelical Christian.
-> Strongly supports the Iraq war.
-> NAACP gave him a 21% rating -(immigration position and anti hiring more women and minorities - )

His renowned socially conservative views may fail him in attracting voters more concerned with economic and public sector issues in 2012 but they are core ideals within the Republican sphere that ring true to many.
It also seems that he is pro lowering tax for people who earn more (Voted NO on increasing tax rate for people earning over $1 million. (Mar 2008) ). This is something we talked about laast Monday in L&E; it also enhances his Right position.

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