Saturday, 27 February 2010

2012 Presidential Republican Candiddate?

'What the country needs now is a laser-like focus on jobs.
D.C. needs to end the uncertainty on health care and cap-and-trade before the private sector can grow again.'

Born in 1971 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Bobby Jindal is the youngest current Governor of Louisiana. On his homepage if one clicks on "Meet Bobby, Issues" you can read Jindal's accomplishments as Governor Louisiana that have included: Ethic reform, Education, Health care, and Returning money back into taxpayers pockets.
In 2008, Jindal stated that he would not run for the 2012 Presidential office as he preferred to run again for reelection in 2011 however Speculations arose when Republicans nominated Jindal to rebut President Obama's first address to Congress in February 2009.

As a Republican and Catholic Jindal's position on selected social and political issues include that of:
  • Anti same-sex marriage
  • 100% pro-life and therefore opposes abortion
  • Pro Second Amendment rights
  • Government ethic and corruption
  • immigration and voted for fence built around Mexican border as well as opposing granting amnesty for illegal aliens
If Jindal campaigns and wins the 2012 Presidential elections, then he would be not only the youngest candidate to take office, but he will also be the First Asian-American President.

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  1. His focus on Jobs could be a strong indicator to Republicans looking for a potential cendidate. It would be interesting to see where he stands regarding religion.
    Knowing that he is Asian American I only expected that he may be more lenient with regards to Immigration but he seems not.


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