Saturday, 14 August 2010


The politician that has been in the news lately is that of Republican Congressional candidate for Arizona Ben Quayle, son of former Vice-President Dan Quayle.

One might think that the son of a well known former Vice-President would have no problems securing votes for his campaign considering that contributions to his campaign have been in the region of $1.1 million dollars, but as this Politico article and many other numerous on-line articles reveal there is much controversy surrounding this 33 year old candidate.

(watch for 2mins)

The above link shows Ben Quayle's campaign advert whereby he dubs President Obama as the "Worst President in history" and claims that "somebody has to go to Washington to knock the hell out of the place." As stated by Hardball presenter Chris Matthews there are countless former Presidents that one could nominate for "worst President". Matthews however only names Presidents from the past, a more recent inclusion in my opinion would be that of former President G.W. Bush who not only misled his country into war, but he messed up his country's economy, and left thousands of his citizens to suffer during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Like the Politico article suggests, Quayle's attack on Obama may be in order to detract potential voters (Aug 24th GOP primaries) from his own publicized revelations that have included his once being a contributing writer for DIRTY SCOTTSDALE which is a sex-themed website covering the club scene in Scottsdale. Although Quayle at first denied the allegations, he later confessed that he did post on the site in order to "try to drive some traffic" (I'm not sure what that means). Quayle has also been accused of misleading the public with regard to his family life as shown by a photo in the Mailer that pictured him with his wife Tiffany and two children with a quote by him saying that he and his wife live in the district (Phoenix) and plan to "raise our family there" however the two children in the photo turned out to be his nieces as the couple have no children.

The revelations uncovered against Quayle may pose a dent in his character considering that he claims to have been "raised right", but one thing I would have to state with regard to Quayle is that he is YOUNG (33yrs) and therefore what he had done in the past wouldn't have been so long ago. Bill Clinton, for example whilst running for President admitted to smoking pot whilst at College and many people weren't that bothered by it since it happened say 25yrs previously. In the case of Quayle however, his past mistakes are still fresh considering his age and this might be the deciding factor in the elections as people in my opinion will be thinking that he still has a lot of growing up to do.

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